Almost all scientific and environmental ventures incorporate an element of community or multi-stakeholder engagement. Often it is the ineffective engagement or negotiations that put these ventures at greatest risk of failure and not necessarily the lack of quality science or engineering expertise.

This risk is well recognised and documented and so communication and engagement specialists are often engaged to mitigate the issue. However, engagement and marketing specialists may fall short of community expectations. This is often due to poor understanding of the technical aspects of the initiative, a lack of social capital with the local Fitzroy Basin community or both.

Nathan at RISE brings a unique blend of cross-boundary and interdisciplinary facilitation skills paired with proven technical environmental credentials to any initiative. This is tempered with strong recognition and local connection with the Fitzroy Basin community and among national waterway reporting initiative practitioners.

This practical facilitation expertise is complimented with sound governance knowledge and social engagement strategies.  Nathan is both a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and of the Benevolent Society Social Leadership Australia program

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Statement of Capability
— Planning, negotiating and running multi stakeholder processes with water quality, fisheries and aquatic ecosystem focus
— Planning, negotiating and running community stakeholder groups and processes with water quality, fisheries and aquatic ecosystem focus
— Mentoring and advice on community and multi-stakeholder engagement
—  Local social and network analysis relevant to your project ready for engagement process – Fitzroy Basin focus.

Project and Experience Highlights include:

— Two year negotiation and facilitation that led to establishment of the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health. This is an internationally recognised multi-stakeholder collective that draws together often competing sectoral interests to collaborate around a shared mission of providing a more complete picture of river health for the Fitzroy Basin.

— Six year oversight of operations for the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health including leadership over member relations, coordination of science and committee meetings, technical and operational supervision to deliver seven annual riverhealth report cards and long term trends

— Oversight as President of Queensland Sportsfishers, which is a multi member association of fishing clubs operating with the core tenements of Sport, Conservation and Integrity. Activities include event organisation of a 50 year sportfishing celebration in Cairns.

— Event management of the Corio Bay Classic and King of the Fitzroy fishing competitions on behalf of the Keppel Bay Sportfishing Club

— Coordination of a series of Fitzroy Basin Environmental Values identification workshops that informed identification of Environmental Values and Beneficial Uses for water across the Fitzroy.

— Negotiation between technical specialists, regulators and regulated entities to explore establishment of a Fitzroy Integrated Receiving Environment Monitoring Program