If you are seeking highly skilled technical advice, preparation of quality documentation or specialist sampling services relating to water quality and aquatic ecosystems of the Fitzroy Basin, then get in touch with RISE.

Nathan at RISE has accumulated 20 years experience in the water quality and aquatic ecosystem health fields and holds a Bachelor of Technology, Aquatic Resource Management from Central Queensland University.

In preparing advice and information for clients, Nathan is also able to draw upon a broad network of technical, government and research contacts accumulated from more than 14 years working as a practitioner in the Fitzroy Basin. This aids in streamlined identification and procurement of specific expertise and information required for clients.

Nathan is equally comfortable working as a an individual specialist or as a subcontractor for established environmental consultancies to aid in delivery of large multi-discipline projects requiring specialist water quality and aquatic ecosystem expertise relevant to the Fitzroy Basin.

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Statement of Capabilities
— Discipline specialist for water quality, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems of the Fitzroy Basin, Central Queensland
— Program and research coordination
— Technical, educational and policy document creation, review, editing and proofreading
— Content creator – water quality, fisheries and  aquatic ecosystems
— Mentoring and support services for junior technicians and project officers
— Monitoring Program design and review
— Field Waterway Sampling and Design to Monitoring and Sampling Manual Environmental Protection (Water) Policy 2018 Standards including:
+Monitoring design and document preparation
+All manual physical and chemical water quality assessments
+Macroinvertebrate sampling for laboratory picking
+Fish sampling and catch processing (electrofishing, cast net, line and trap)
+Data Entry

Project and experience highlights include:

— Five years of foundation water quality sampling, macro-invertebrate sampling, fish sampling, seagrass surveys and coral surveys in the Queensland Government specialist Water Monitoring Technical unit responsible for the South East Queensland Healthy Waterways Report Card monitoring program.

— Community waterway monitoring support services. Development and management of a five year event based community monitoring program involving Landholders in the Fitzroy Basin.

— Preparation of the first Fitzroy Basin Water Quality Targets relevant to sediment and nutrient contaminant reductions to the Great Barrier Reef

— Preparation of the first Water Quality Improvement Plan for the Fitzroy Basin, including commissioning and oversight of supporting studies, like the whole of basin sediment and nutrient modelling that has now gone on to be improved and  incorporated into the Source Catchments model for the Great Barrier Reef.

— Support in development of the online content for the current Water Quality Improvement Plan for the Fitzroy Basin.

— Coordination and delivery of a series of Fitzroy Basin Environmental Values workshops that informed identification of Environmental Values and Beneficial Uses for water across the Fitzroy. Preparation of a Fitzroy Basin Environmental Values Report that was subsequently used to inform the setting of Environmental Values included in the Queensland Environmental Protection Policy, Water.

— Oversight of a multi million dollar riparian and wetland protection program for several years. The program resulted in thousands of kilometers of fences being installed and tens of thousands of tonnes of sediment being kept on paddock and away from the Great Barrier Reef.

— Commissioning of the first fishway barrier identification and prioritisation project for the Fitzroy Natural Resource Management region and oversight of several fishway construction projects.

— Oversight of the revitalised Queensland Sportfishers community fish tagging and data collection program

— Oversight of the program design development, technical assessment and publishing of the Annual Ecosystem Health, Drinking Water and Agricultural Use Reports for the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health for eight year

— Oversight of an ACARP project that resulted in development of a salinity module plugin for the Source Catchments model and that also included development of a working Fitzroy Basin salinity model.

— Contributing author of the Fitzroy monitoring efficiency and gap analysis report that assessed hundreds of water quality monitoring sites that are sampled by dozens of organisations across the Fitzroy Basin.