Waterway Report Card Development, Design and Mentoring Service

Environmental Report Cards are becoming increasingly popular communication tools for community, stakeholders and resource managers alike. When implemented successfully, they can provide a useful service as a boundary object that helps draw together various practitioners, specialists and interest groups.  Individuals, organisations and sectors that may otherwise be distrustful of each other can often find common ground in development and promotion of a report card designed to provide a more complete picture of waterway health. This can be useful, not only in delivering better knowledge to the community, but it can also help to break down the barriers for better communication for other matters.

With this in mind, negotiation and establishment of waterway report card collectives are not without risk. If handled poorly, the distrust between different stakeholders may be worse off despite the best of intentions. Building unrealistic expectations without being aware of resource implications and potentially long establishment time-frames required to build mutual trust and respect may ultimately lead to disappointment if a product that is promised doesn’t end up being delivered.

That’s where Nathan at RISE can help you better navigate the Waterway Report Card Development & Design phase of the process. This advisory service will prove invaluable in reviewing whether the conditions and timing of this particular option is right, highlighting some of the nuances and considerations that should be considered from a social multi-stakeholder perspective. Ultimately for these environmental report card to be a long term success, it is important to ensure that an initiative is established with the fundamentals for success and this includes mentoring and building capacity of the local respected and trusted practitioners.

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Statement of Capabilities 
— Social and network analysis for catchment/are of interest (Foundation work)
— Data and knowledge review (Foundation work)
— Program Design preparation and review
— Online and hard copy report card design and review
— Content creation, summary and technical reports
— Facilitation and mentoring services
— Governance development and review
— Online design functionality architect for report card and assessment publication

Project and experience highlights include:
— Facilitation and oversight of operation of the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health during two year establishment phase and the first six years of operations

— Fostering a healthy group holding environment. Providing suitable prompts and materials to support members discussion and decision making.

— Observing, listening to, valuing opinions of all involved and and then using this information to aid in negotiating pathways for progress, while accounting for a multitude of personality types and organisational viewpoints

— Negotiating cost sharing arrangements for partnership resourcing and in-kind data contributions for report card development

— Maintaining a strong client focus on and relationship with members

— Preparing governance documentation and committee materials for more than 50 meetings in 8 years to support group discussion and decision making.

— Preparation of strategic planning documentation

— Establishment and oversight of an Independent Science Advisory Panel and maintaining smooth running with Science Leader

— Being aware of the limits of personal knowledge or expertise and being able to reach out to other specialists for advice and support where necessary

— Design and functionality architect of the nationally recognised online river health report card website for the Fitzroy Partnership. The site has streamlined assessment and publication of results and leading to cost savings.

— Design and functionality architect of Fitzroy Partnership agricultural use, community monitoring and drinking water online report card products.

— Project oversight and design functionality architect for for current online Great Barrier Reef Report Card, Healthy Rivers to Reef Report Card and Port Curtis Harbourwatch community portal.